Awesome ain't easy..

Posted by on March 20, 2017 at 2:35 PM

Former 49ers receiver Dwight Clark announces ALS diagnosis

"While I'm still trying to wrap my head around the challenge I will face with this disease over the coming years," Clark wrote, "the only thing I know is that I'm going to fight like hell and live every day to the fullest."

Reading that made me say a proud "hell yes you will"

It's a very strange emotion- inspired by his determination to fight like my Dad & so many others but f*cking pissed off b/c there is not ONE thing to give these people hope, NOTHING.

So that is what you do, you either live your last years on this earth as a negative "poor me" individual or you try your damn best to wake up each day just happy to be alive.

As a wise man once said "It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be awesome. Awesome ain't easy." - Steve Gleason


We're fighting alongside you, Dwight & fam. You got this!��

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