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This is a site created by the daughter of someone living with ALS, for newly diagnosed ALS patients, their families/loved ones and anyone that would like to know more about the disease!

Most importantly, to help people realize that everything is going to be okay.

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Biogen Announces It Will Discontinue Development of Dexpramipexole Based on Phase 3 Trial Results

January 3, 2013

Spin 4 a Cure interview from Channel 3!  http://wtkr.com/2012/11/09/spin-for-a-cure-in-virginia-beach/#ooid=N4dHJ4NjqvLK_Va49CydZa1huUF-ng1Y

Military veterans, regardless of the branch of service, regardless of the era in which they served, and regardless of whether they served during a time of peace or a time of war, are at a greater risk of dying from ALS than if they had not served in the military. 

In memory of Retired Navy SEAL Michael Oyer (left)  

In honor of Retired Navy Commander Michael Nicholson (right)

They fought for us, let's continue to fight for them and find a cure for this disease.

National ALS Registry


                                                                                   Nick in the early days


4 years

4 years ago, I stood in silence in the kitchen with my parents until my dad said the 5 words that forever changed my life "it's that damn Yankees disease"
So many things go through my mind when I think back to that August afternoon, not all negative ones though.
I am a stronger woman than I ever knew I could be, I am able to find positive in every situation, nothing makes me happier than putting a smile on someone's face.

I've kind of always had these traits but the passion I have for life and helping those around me has been brought to a new level since that day in August of 08 and I am very grateful for that.

Updates on PALS

A little less than 4 years ago a friend told me about an ALS fundraiser being held @ a place called Lendy's off of General Booth. My father had just received his diagnoses and I wanted to do whatever I could to start raising $/awareness so I went to the fundraiser by myself only knowing the one friend there. She left about an hour after I got there, I could have gone too but I wanted to meet the guy who had ALS & his family. That guy was Mike Oyer.
I remember introducing myself, telling them about my father and ending up sitting with them for about an hour. Not just talking about ALS but about how the son knew my little brother from high school (small world) etc.
My parents became quick friends with The Oyer's and made their way out to Pungo a couple of weekends throughout the years. My Dad & Mike would enjoy a couple of beers & talk about their Navy days, Mum & Valerie would enjoy spending time with each other & I am sure it helped them not feel so alone in this fight.
The crappy thing about ALS, no one ever gets better, you just wait for the time to come to say "goodbye"
Tomorrow I will say my final goodbye to one of the strongest, happiest men I know.

Mike Oyer, original member of SEAL Team 6, loses battle with ALS

Michael Oyer, a former Virginia Beach Navy SEAL, passed away Sunday night after a hard fought battle with ALS.

Oyer began showing symptoms of ALS in 2006, and was officially diagnosed with the disease in 2007.  NewsChannel 3 has been following Oyer and his family’s efforts to raise money for ALS research for several years.  ALS, or Lou Gherig’s disease, attacks motor neurons and slowly chips away at one’s ability to speak, walk, talk and breath.  There is no known cause or cure.

Valerie Oyer, Michael’s wife, has asked that instead of flowers, donations be made to the Frog Hollow Warriors Team for the Virginia Beach Walk to Defeat ALS.  The walk will be held September 16, 2012 at Mount Trashmore.

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